Punjab Announces 2 Holidays in a Week for Schools

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Punjab Announces 2 Holidays in a Week for Schools

The Punjab government has recently announced a significant change for schools across the province. Starting soon, schools will observe a two-day weekend, giving teachers and students both Saturday and Sunday off. This decision aims to provide much-needed relief to the teaching community.

Key Announcements for Schools

Key Announcements for Schools

  • Two Weekly Holidays: Schools will now be closed on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Increased School Hours: School hours from Monday to Friday will be extended to compensate.
  • Support for Teachers: The move is designed to alleviate the workload and financial strain on teachers.

Reasons Behind the Decision

Punjab Education Minister Rana Sikandar Hayat emphasized the need to support teachers, who are crucial to the nation’s education system. By implementing this change, the government hopes to ease the burden on teachers, who often face excessive workloads and financial challenges.

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Current Situation

Currently, schools in Punjab have only one day off per week, which is Sunday. This new policy will provide an additional day of rest, aligning with the government’s commitment to better support educators.

New School Timings

While the exact new school timings from Monday to Friday are yet to be announced, they will be adjusted to ensure that the educational needs of students are still met. The extended hours will help cover the curriculum effectively despite the two-day weekend.


The Punjab government’s decision to introduce a two-day weekend for schools is a significant step towards supporting teachers. By providing an extra day off, the government acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the teaching community. While the new school timings are yet to be finalized, this change is expected to bring positive outcomes for both teachers and students in Punjab.

This proactive approach not only aims to enhance the well-being of teachers but also ensures that students continue to receive quality education with adjusted school hours.

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